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Welcome, and congratulations on your appointment as architectural professional for a stand in Blue Hills Country & Equestrian Estate.
If you are a home owner, congratulations on the purchase of your new property.




Plan Submission Process

NOTE: All documentation including erf diagrams, services connection diagrams and contour plans that may be required in order to facilitate the design process, are available on the CD (which is free of charge and may be obtained from the sales office at the estate.


Plan Submission Process

  • One set of the detailed design and working drawings.

    After the Phase 1 drawings have been approved, one set of the detailed design and working drawings must be submitted to the Aesthetics Committee for approval in electronic PDF format, via WeTransfer. Provide all required information as prescribed in Form B for Phase 2 submission.


Plan Submission Process

After the working drawings have been approved they must be submitted to the local authority for approval. Certain prescribed fees will be payable at this stage to the local authority. These aesthetics rules are in addition to, and do not supersede, the requirements of the local authority or any statutory authority or the National Building Regulations.


Construction Site: Registration with Trafalgar

At this stage, plan approval has been obtained from the Local Authority and you as the owner have appointed a building contractor to perform all the intended
building work.

It is of utmost importance that before any construction takes place, the building contractor registers the project with Estate management (Trafalgar) and a building deposit is paid by the owner. The Contractor will sign on behalf of the owner that the house will be built as per the approved plans and that any intended deviation will be formally submitted to Studious Aesthetics for approval first. The contractor will also undertake that he will be liable to a penalty fee for any construction work that has not formally been approved.

Once the contractor has successfully registered the site, the construction may commence.


Request for Final Completion Certificate from the Aesthetics Committee

I have completed my house as per approved plans, what now?

At this stage, the construction of the new house has been completed AND an occupation certificate from the local authority has been obtained.

Now you are ready to request a final inspection from Studious Aesthetics to release the building deposit and obtain a Final Completion Certificate.

Please Complete Form G and email it to The inspection will be performed by Studious Aesthetics and feedback will be provided within a period of 2-3 weeks from the receipt of Form G.


Please download the most recent version of your estate's rules and guidelines to ensure a smooth approval process.


FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

What is a Midblock boundary?

The Midblock boundary is usually the boundary opposite the entrance point of the stand. This could get complicated when stands have trapezial forms or more than three neighbors, in which case we recommend that you contact us for clarification.

I want to add a pool/ pergola/water tank to my existing house. Should I Submit plans?

 Yes, it is imperative that an additional application is done.

This is a one week process that requires the following:

  1. One set of working drawings that includes all the additions or amendments, clearly shown with revision clouds.
  2. R1870 plan evaluation fee.
  3. Form F completed with all changes or additions clearly listed (NOTE: Items not listed will not be approved).
Should I be at home when the final completion inspection is performed by Studious Aesthetics?

No, the inspection is performed only from the street and green belts. The inspector does not require access to the house or the property.

When can I, as architect, submit plans?

Plans can be submitted any day of the week before Friday at 14:00.  All plans submitted during the week will be processed and reviewed the following week.

Feedback can be expected the following Friday. (see Form A)

How long is my plan approval valid?

Plan approvals are valid for 1 calendar year. (see Form A)

What are the bank details to make payment for the plan evaluation?

(see Form A)

Bank FNB

Name of Account Studious Aesthetics

Account No 62676600185

Branch Centurion Mall

Branch Code 250-655

Ref Stand No and Estate Name

I have a family member that can draw plans but is not registered with SACAP, can they submit plans on my behalf?

No, the Developers require the owner to make use of a Professional Architect with a Pr Arch number.

Where do I obtain contact info for a neighbour?

Please send an email to our office, and we will gladly issue you with the registered email address for the required stand.

Should I submit a landscaping plan?

No, this is not a requirement, but, please add the required landscaping note on the SDP that states: All landscaping will conform to the indigenous landscaping policy as described in the estate guidelines.

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